Symptoms your business website needs redesigned and how to improve

Redesigning a business website is more than just upgrading its looks. Simple site adjustments can not only increase user engagement but overall sales. Your website should be considered an investment because it serves as the primary online marketing tool for your company.

If you haven’t decided whether a redesign is justified, here are 4 symptoms your business website needs improving:

Under Performing Traffic or Sales

Most of the time inadequate traffic or poor sales are a symptom of the problem and not the cause. It’s a sign that users are either not confident enough with the information provided about your product or they pass you up for competitors for a multitude of reasons such as slow website, bad user experience or lack of relevant information.

Not Mobile Friendly

It’s expected that over 2 billion mobile devices will make mobile commerce transactions online by 2017. Search engines such as Google have already pushed to enforce web owners to make their sites more mobile friendly. Upgrading your current website can be as easy as adjusting a few components or switching out the theme.

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Slow or Nonfunctional

Even a well designed website can lose traffic due to a slow or nonfunctional website. Page loading time and organized, working structure is an important part of user experience. The longer it takes a website to load, the more a website is at risk for user abandonment. Additionally, search engines will lower the rank of a slow loading website.

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Customer Feedback

Another way to determine if your business website needs redesigned is to listen to what your customers are already saying and figure out what they are not saying. This can be achieved by collecting and archiving any site feedback via email or phone, sending out surveys and/or performing A/B site testing.

Redesigning a website should aim to improve customer service & user experience, increase brand loyalty, authority, traffic and sales.

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