Client Case Study

Efficiency Unleashed:

zippytask's Journey to Streamlined Operations

zippytask is a leading provider of high-level tech tasks, offering comprehensive solutions at an affordable monthly rate.


zippytask faced several challenges that necessitated strategic intervention:

The company lacked informative print materials to effectively communicate its services and value proposition to potential clients.

zippytask needed concise, visually appealing materials to explain its complex tech solutions in a clear and compelling manner.

In a competitive market, the company sought to enhance its brand visibility and attract new customers through targeted marketing efforts.


To address these challenges, zippytask enlisted the expertise of theWPGirls, a web design, and digital marketing agency. The collaboration followed a structured approach:

theWPGirls conducted a comprehensive analysis of zippytask’s marketing materials and target audience to understand their needs and preferences.

Based on the assessment findings, theWPGirls developed a series of print materials, including brochures and flyers, to effectively convey zippytask’s services and benefits.

Collaborating closely with the zippytask team, theWPGirls crafted compelling copy and visual elements to clearly articulate the company’s value proposition and differentiate it from competitors.


The partnership with theWPGirls resulted in tangible outcomes for zippytask:

theWPGirls created print materials that succinctly explained how zippytask works and how it can save companies valuable tech time, empowering the sales team to effectively communicate the company’s offerings to potential clients.

With professionally designed marketing collateral, zippytask bolstered its brand visibility and credibility, making a memorable impression on target audiences and driving interest in its services.

The new print materials provided zippytask’s sales team with powerful tools to engage prospects and close deals more effectively, streamlining the sales process and driving revenue growth.

The collaboration between zippytask and theWPGirls not only addressed the initial challenges but also positioned the company for continued success in the competitive tech solutions market. With its informative print materials and enhanced brand visibility, zippytask is better equipped to attract and retain customers, driving long-term growth and profitability.


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