Client Case Study

Empowering Leadership:

How theWPGirls Catalyzed Greg Zlevor's Journey

Greg Zlevor , President, and Founder of Westwood International, is a seasoned expert in executive leadership development and education, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. With a profound dedication to fostering collaboration and nurturing organizational cultures, Greg has established himself as a thought leader in the global arena.


Despite Greg’s extensive expertise and the impactful work of Westwood International, there were specific challenges that needed addressing:

Greg was scheduled to speak at World Peace Week, but there was a need to amplify his message and increase awareness of his talk.

Communicating Greg’s profound insights and the mission of Westwood International in a concise and impactful manner was essential.


To tackle these challenges head-on, Greg enlisted the expertise of theWPGirls, a web design and digital marketing agency. The collaboration unfolded as follows:

theWPGirls conducted a thorough analysis of Greg’s upcoming speaking engagement and the overarching goals for World Peace Week.

Based on the assessment findings, a tailored strategy was devised to enhance Greg’s visibility and effectively communicate his message to a broader audience.

Leveraging their expertise in advertising and print material design, theWPGirls executed the strategy, crafting compelling materials that aligned with Greg’s talk theme: “Courage before safety: building community in today’s challenging world.”


The partnership with theWPGirls resulted in impactful outcomes for Greg Zlevor and Westwood International:

Through strategic advertising and print material design, Greg’s message resonated with a wider audience, amplifying awareness for World Peace Week and his insightful talk.

The materials created by theWPGirls effectively conveyed Greg’s message of courage, community-building, and leadership in today’s challenging world, aligning seamlessly with the mission of Westwood International.

The collaboration between Greg Zlevor and theWPGirls not only addressed the initial challenges but also contributed to fostering a culture of collaboration, mindfulness, and impactful leadership. By leveraging advertising and print materials, Greg was able to amplify his message and inspire positive change on a global scale.


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